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Image by Becca Tapert
We believe that communication is a key life skill.  Here, we coach women to be calm and confident in communicating at work and in life.

Here's why you will want to work with me
I was so fearful of communicating because I thought nobody wanted to hear from me. 
I didn't think what I said mattered. Today, as a Training Consultant and Communication Coach - I communicate and speak for a living. 
I have worked with 3000 individuals to become skilled communicators 
I'm also a relentless learner who has worked with 25 different coaches over two and a half years to accelerate my learning and inner work, so that I'll be the better version of the coach I am today. 

hi, I'm Dawn 

Hi, I'm Dawn, my mission is to coach strong women to communicate their goals for work and life!  

Over the last 25 years, I have focused on enhancing my skills in communication, coaching and educating emotions for close to 3000 individuals. Now, I can help you take charge of your life with a solution-focused approach to get clarity in


  • Career Coaching & Job Search Strategies

  • Communicating with Confidence 

  • Effective Presentations 

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