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what's in store for you 

Depending on your coaching needs, we have the options to take you to the next level.

Signature Coaching Packages

pathfinder PLUS

An ideal gift for yourself or anyone you care about.  This is about sparking personal awareness of individual values, interests, strengths & potential for your career aspirations.  It's proven to be popular with professionals and youths. 


SGD197 (three self-paced video resources to guide you in finding your path, that you  can access anytime)

SGD297 (one individual 75mins Zoom session + a bonus EQ assessment quiz to discuss your options in a personalised way)

GD599 (two individual 60 min Zoom sessions) plus these bonuses 

  • An EQ assessment quiz 

  • Your Personalised Career Plan (PCP) to poise you for succes

skilled communicator

Communicating well is a gift.  It is also a core skill that all professionals can learn. This is a bespoke, intimate and compressed run of five sessions (one face to face and four Zoom) that is a first of its kind - to enhance your communication skills in presentations or interpersonal communication


  • Video and worksheet resources to overcome your limiting beliefs and communicate with intention

  • Overcoming your fears in presentations & communicating aligned to your natural style

  • Your Personal Checklist and Toolkit (PCT) to arm yourself with before any presentations 


picking the right coach for me 

Choosing the right coach for your needs can be time-consuming and rather confusing.

Give yourself an advantage to get further faster by making a list of the key things you should look out for and assess your options before committing to any coach.  I've designed a system based on personal experience of investing a five figure sum and learning from 23 different coaches over 28 months - so I would prefer you not have to go through the same journey and achieve clarity faster.

  • Three recorded video resources

  • A checklist of evaluate your optimal scenario as you seek to be coached

  • One 60min Zoom session to discuss any concerns & challenges you face in this journey


Exclusive 1-1 Coaching 

If the above options do not work for you - tell me what would and let's have a chat.  Perhaps iit's a two-day deep dive or a five-day intensive, we can explore that.


Remember that starting somewhere is always better than all else

treat yourself to a transformation today! drop me a note at

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