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BooK a discovery call
to Double your presentation confidence

Fill this form for a complimentary 30-minute online clarity call to discuss how we can work together. 

Master powerful communication and presentations 

you will

  • Identify your natural style of communication and connect with audiences using persuasive techniques.

  • Enhance your presentation skills by overcoming your personal challenges such as imposter syndrome. 

  • Express your opinion in an informed and assertive way.

  • Develop your personal presentation checklist to add to your toolkit of techniques as you plan and prepare to present.

  • Receive first-hand, personalized feedback on your presentation skills.

How will the transformation take place? 

We will work together with the following 

1.    One-to-one coaching across four sessions (1 hour each). 

2.    Three self-directed online learning content capsules.
3.    A learner guide with curated insights, and a checklist 

4.    A training venue in a professional setting for authentic learning.

5.    An option to bring in one real case scenario for us to work on

Bonus resources

You may choose either 

  • An hour Zoom consultation to review your online presentation style as well to complete the presentation skills package (focus on posture, set up, eye contact, and engagement levels) OR

  • An emotional intelligence assessment quiz to identify aspects of intrapersonal and interpersonal confidence in communication.



Mel, Senior Manager, Parkway Health

“Our staff members gave so many compliments …you not only kept them riveted - and at the right time wonderfully amused - you really gave them something to stash away in their heads for later reflection and application. You played a major role in making the session an outstanding lesson."


Chua K.L, Singapore Police Force

“The trainer, Dawn is the best one I have ever had so far. The session was very engaging, and I have learned a lot from it.”

C K Chan, business owner

"The trainer was well prepared and knowledgeable in leadership and conflict management. She helped each team to work on our strengths with organised course materials and activities. I would definitely recommend this course to others."


Care Corner Singapore, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, MediaCorp Radio, Murata Electronics, National Environment Agency, Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University,  Parkway Health, Red Alpha Cybersecurity, Sayling Wen Education and Cultural Foundation (Taiwan), Singapore Armed Forces (Digital Intelligence Service), Singapore Civil Defence, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Polytechnic.   

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