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From Emotional to Emotionally Intelligent

Updated: Apr 4

Sharing snippets from my upcoming book on managing emotions

From Emotional to Emotionally Intelligent: Starting with Self - how does this sound as a possible book title?


Why is this 48-year-old Singaporean mother, educator, and coach writing about emotional intelligence?   I was smitten with EQ. Teaching at Poly, safe space.  It is a life skill like no other and we never learned in school.  EQ can help in self-awareness, career development, and building relationships especially in marriage in raising children

It is my wish that after reading this book, women will

Let go of the guilt of being labeled emotional.

Adapt tools to engage with emotions to express themselves confidently.

Express themselves with stronger self-connection and decision confidence.

Each chapter is a direct answer to a question I had or heard from my clients and friends about emotional intelligence.  So, this is my ode to emotional health and wealth for the woman (or man) who needs to hear this.

Why is being called emotional a less-than-positive association while being labeled emotionally intelligent (with a high EQ) is all so desirable? Here are some questions I wanted to ask when I was younger, fumbling like crazy to get the answers to deep-seated questions I had within my heart.


Top Seven Questions

1.     Why am I so emotional?


2.     Why do I need to manage my emotions?


3.     How can I manage my emotions?


4.     What if I offend others with my emotions?


5.     How do I express my emotions?


6.     How will my life change after knowing my emotions?


7.     Who else can I impact after becoming emotionally intelligent?

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