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"I am truly thankful and blessed to work with Dawn.  She could empathise with my struggles and help me grow as a person." 

Andrea Koh, programme manager

“I might have finally found the right job for myself. I really look forward to going to work now. My workplace is far but the distance doesn't bother me. I think what keeps me going is that there's so much to learn. The learning is the exciting part. And I feel like I'm gaining so much from the job. Also, there's proper guidance given to new staff. So, you don't feel alone at all. Thank you Dawn! You played a part in this too. The personality test that you made us do, gave me a clearer picture of what kind of job fits with my personality. That was what pushed me to apply for a job in special schools. So, thank you very much.

Maya, School Counsellor 


"You coach women to step out of their comfort zone and have a better self. Educating our emotions is not something we learn from school, only from you."  

Joyce, Nurse & Mum of two 

Lydia Nah, Mompreneur | The CEO-Woman Coach

"I feel you tend to know how to make people feel at ease and see through what might bother them and respond accordingly.  That is key for someone sharing advice and really digging at what is underlying."

Kim, Mum Entrepreneur 

"I've had the privilege of meeting Ms Dawn during my time as a student. She was my lecturer for a leadership module & exhibited great passion and knowledge.  We reconnected after I graduated as I remembered she left a strong impression as she displayed a firm yet calming and dedicated aura. I decided to seek help with regards to my self-confidence and identity challenges. Throughout our time as my coach, her ability to empathize and overall persona gave me a sense of security despite sharing things that required me to be vulnerable. She has the skill to provide a safe space to share one’s challenges without having the fear of being judged. 

With her skill of being an outstanding listening ear, she has the ability to guide me through critical thinking questions that paved the way towards finding steps and ways to overcome my challenges. By asking questions, she helps form a habit of finding our own solutions, so that we rely on ourselves and personal reflections that help forge our own identity throughout the progressive process. This in turn builds confidence within those she set out to help. I believe she is a great asset that our society needs and I have great confidence that our future generations to come are in good hands as she nurtures the start of an undeniable and revolutionary ripple effect towards building confident individuals."

Phil, Business School Student

"I definitely had a fruitful, insightful and knowledgeable four weeks.  Through the countless reflections, it really helped me to sit down and find myself again amidst the busy schedules in my everyday life. I learned to see the good in myself and the better ways I can communicate with others, which I genuinely believe good communication can lead you to mountain tops!" 

Charmaine, Tertiary Student

"When you interact with others, your goal is to help them experience success. You look for ways to challenge them and devise interesting experiences that can stretch them and help them grow.  And all the while you are on the lookout for signs of growth - a new behaviour learned or modified, a slight improvement in skill, a glimpse of excellence or of 'flow' where previously there were only halting steps.  You always ask great questions to get me thinking, to explore new ways of doing things."

Yu Ping, Lecturer 

"I always look forward to your class because you make it very enjoyable and interesting for all of us.  I have learned a lot of important points that I can apply in my life. Thank you for putting in so much effort into planning the lessons.  I've been blessed with your lessons and am really glad I signed up for it.  Thank you for being really understanding and passionate."

Joylynn, Undergraduate 

"Dawn has a knack for reading feelings and emotions and is well loved by her colleagues and students."

Cherry, Senior Lecturer & Mum of two 

"As a life coach, you can coach on literally any and every problem.  Even if you don't have the direct expertise, you're gonna help someone figure it out, who to go to, what to do next. This is especially for people who don't have good networks who educate them on all the opportunities out there in the world."

Preetha, Educator & Mum of one 

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