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Design your career runway

Did you know that one in three working women with young children are considering downshifting their careers or quitting? (Mckinsey, 2020).  And at least 50% of flexible working requests by working mums are denied? (People Management UK, 2021)

Is this YOU?

  • You want to review your career stage, strategy and options and not get caught off guard 

  • You want to shed some stressors holding you back in life and work

  • You want to communicate more confidently with people around you

  • You are looking for a coach to help you transform

  • You want to save time, create value for your time and earn money in your career portfolio 

What you will learn

This is a Coaching Capsule Programme specially curated for busy working mums in your 30s as you balance change & seek more fulfilment.  Discover and renew your purpose and passion in an authentic way!  We know you are busy and yet seek to make a difference at work and home.  This is designed for you to view at your own pace with the option of personalized sessions to chat with your Coach.

In this programme, you will leave 

  • identifying current obstacles to your career clarity

  • clarifying your vision of career alignment to motherhood

  • writing your personal goals for career confidence 

  • feeling inspired with the hope of change and clarity for your career

There are four content capsules that are entirely self-paced so you can learn at your convenience with lifetime access.    Each capsule comes with a video recording as a prompt complemented by worksheet resources for you to work at your own pace.  You will then be able to record your insights, questions and thoughts for easy review and reflection


Capsule 1: Take Charge of Your Career Life Stage 

Capsule 2: Identify the Limiting Beliefs (like Imposter Syndrome) & Reframe to Succeed 

Capsule 3: Define your Mission and Vision 

Capsule 4: Map your Mission to a Career Portfolio

Bonus includes a special video resource + worksheet on how to Communicate Assertively (which has proven highly valuable & useful for many of my private 1 to 1 coaching clients).   Your investment is SGD439 for the above.

To work with me as a private client for 1 to 1 coaching, you get all the above plus four sessions of online coaching (60mins each) over 45 days.  Your investment will be SGD2000.

Bonus includes 

  • A Personal Mission Statement Review

  • Resources with tips to build your Emotional Intelligence

  • 1-to-1 text support via WhatsApp or Voxer 

  • 3 months text support for programme related queries 

  • 1 yearly check-in on the anniversary month of our programme for a Career Confidence Audit 

If you're not sure which suits you, fill up this form and we'll schedule a chat to discuss your concerns and even design a programme just for you!

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