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We believe in H.O.P.E

 helping ordinary people excel 

Our training methodology is based on a non-cookie cutter approach 

  • involving learners within a safe and collaborative space

  • facilitating learner-centric conversations tackling common challenges

  • providing realistic contexts for a solution-focused perspective

  • designing a range of scenarios, samples and case capsules in joint consultation with the client


Training Topics 

  • Effective Writing for Email and Meeting Minutes

  • Job Search Strategy Skills: Resume Writing and Interview Skills

  • Present With Confidence 

  • Leading Organisational Change 

  • Workplace Emotional Intelligence

Two Signature Programmes

1. The Skilled Communicator is a two-day programme enhancing the written and presentation skills for professionals.  I do this by blending elements of personal coaching and sharing personalised feedback with each participant.   Participants have learned how to overcome their limiting beliefs in writing and presenting to be more impactful while remaining authentic.  


2. Claim Your Career Confidence = Perspective + Priorities + Prospects 
This two-day  programme is about coaching mid-career professionals to unlearn and re-learn new ways of accelerating the job search process.   

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with 3000 individuals in my journey as a coach, educator, public servant, and lifelong communications practitioner.   I've worked in 10 different roles across five sectors as a Public Prosecutor, Corporate Communications Specialist, Lecturer, Chief Marketing Officer, Training Consultant and Family Life Educator.  Some of the organizations I've worked with include the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, National Environment Agency, Parkway Health, Red Alpha Cybersecurity, Republic Polytechnic and the Singapore Police Force. 


  • Certified Solution Focused Practitioner, International Alliance of Solution-Focused Teaching Institutes (2021)

  • Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation, Centre for Credentialing & Education (2018)

  • Certificate in Counselling for Education and Career Guidance, Ministry of Education and Executive Counselling & Training Academy (2018)

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), Institute of Adult Learning (2014)

Clients and Testimonials

Red Alpha.jfif
Parkway Health.jfif

"Loved your stories.  It connects with target audiences." SP, Red Alpha Cybersecurity Professional

“She is top-notch in engagementAng, Singapore Police Force


She is very informative and engaging.” L, Singapore Police Force

"Dawn was very well prepared and knowledgeable in the course content and offered several examples to illustrate her points.  The case studies were relevant, and her examples were easy to understand.   This made the training exceptionally well executed. Not only did she communicate well, but her presentation was also lively and there was never a dull moment..." Mark, Mandarin Oriental Singapore


"On a scale of 1 to 5, I would grade Dawn 4.5 in terms of knowledge.  Examples used were focused, relevant and happening in our work environment now." Sebastian, Illumina Singapore Pte Ltd


Dawn is very knowledgeable - she understands the challenges faced in various job natures and provides practical solutions.  Most examples used are based on our actual past and present work experiences and are very useful for future references.  It was good that she was able to correct our mistakes based on each individual's job scope.” James, SBS Transit


Very good, Dawn could hold my interest and the concepts covered were useful, I found myself learning a lot.  I would recommend this programme for others.” Patrick, Parkway Health


Our staff members gave so many compliments …you not only kept them riveted - and at the right time wonderfully amused - you really gave them something to stash away in their heads for later reflection and application. You played a major role in making the session an outstanding lessonMel, Senior Manager, Parkway Health

“The workshop covered the fundamentals of presenting.  The personal comments by the facilitator helped to improve our weak points.” Danial, Republic Polytechnic


“I like the way she trains, with useful and interesting content.” Chee Keat, Nanyang Polytechnic


“She sustained our interest and attention, maximising what we learnt – definitely an effective facilitator” Terry, Nanyang Polytechnic.


"Yes, I learnt a lot…the trainer conveyed interesting facts, examples and provided an interactive way of learning. She was able to help us build our confidence and move beyond the fear of embarrassment to communicate confidently."  Wilson, Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation Pte Ltd


"Dawn could sense the different levels of learning among the participants and was able to reach out to individual needs.  The examples, case studies and discussion session are 100 percent relevant to our daily working life. I would definitely recommend this training to others, especially technical professionals." Han, ASRS Warehousing


"Dawn is a skilled trainer able to share updated examples and personal experience in business correspondence. She was able to communicate well with the participants and point out how improvements can be made immediately. I have learnt a lot from the training and fine-tuned my communication skills.” Eng Hoe, Idelux Engineering Pte Ltd

“Very good, the trainer could hold my interest and the concepts covered were useful, I found myself learning a lot.  I would recommend this programme for others.” Patrick, Parkway Health


“Thank you for facilitating the workshop.  Our team who attended had given positive feedback and enjoyed the excellent facilitation.” Doreen, Assistant Director, Parkway Health


“Writing, learning and the understanding of English delivered in a simple manner.” Officer, National Environment Agency


“I would just like to express my appreciation for the excellent job done during the workshop. Thank you for your patience and guidance throughout the course!” Daniel, National Environment Agency


“The instructor is knowledgeable in their subject matter and entertaining.” Tax Officer, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore


“I would recommend this course to other officers as this will help them in their writing skills and email etiquette.” Tax Officer, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

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