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Claiming Your Career Confidence: What real women are saying

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Three weeks ago, I met a woman who asked me this within minutes of chatting, "How did you know you wanted to be a coach? I'm thinking of being a coach because I want a career change but I'm not sure."

Over time, I've heard clients share similar thoughts about their careers

"Omg I've spent half my life reaching this point and for what?"

"Did I work too hard? Not hard enough? Is my work meaningful? Could I have chosen something else?"

"I'm sick of being in this industry but I don't know how to change. It's so hard to get an open door in anywhere at this stage"

"I'm so so lost and I don't know what to do-I just can't connect with my work anymore"

I get it. I was there.

So here are some prompts I want to share to get you thinking so you can gain some insights into your next steps

Career confidence can be defined in a myriad of ways and all you need is to google for more info. I'm not here to define it for you but I will share my journey in claiming my career confidence and helping others claim theirs.

Career confidence is about career clarity and action.

It is not all about landing a new job (well not always), but it is about taking one small step at a time to create a portfolio of career options.

It starts with self-leadership.

A. Picture yourself one year from now

1. What would you be doing professionally? (You could still be in the same organisation, in the same role with a different portfolio if it appeals to you, or you could be in a different department, or company but within the same industry).

2. What is one other career option that you may be open to? (keeping your current job while seeking certification or gaining on the side experience with another interest?) If you're up to it, list two to three options

3. How will you make use of the 12months from now to then, to get to your aspired professional state of choice?

B. Work backwards

1. If your goal requires 12 months to achieve, what is one thing can you start doing now? This can be as simple as spending 20mins reading up on an industry you'd like to join or seek out 2 to 3 contacts on LinkedIn you could connect with or message for some information.

2. Figure out your 5 Pillars of Confidence

In the course of my coaching experience over the past 12 years, I've developed a simple but powerful framework based on 5Rs (Resources, Relationships, Resilience, Results and Reflection)

Each pillar has led you to exactly where you are and will be a guide for your future aspirations. Collectively, the 5Rs are your holistic track record of every career and life stage you have gone through.

List 3 to 5 key observations under each of the pillars and spend some time identifying the people, past experiences and opportunities that have helped you get this far. Now, you have a clearer lens on how confident you can be looking ahead in the next 12 months. Be intentional in seeking out the right people who can help you.

C. Come up with a catchy phrase to guide you in this journey

I remember working with a coach who encouraged me to come up with a phrase to ground me in my journey to claim my career confidence. I chose these words "My Conviction, My Choice, His Control." These were the key things I valued in wanting to work for myself and my vision and not be constrained by people who did not share my mission.

So pick 5 to 7 words or whatever works for you as a quick reminder each time you get discouraged. Share this with a friend or someone close to you so you practise articulating it. This phrase could be tied to your mission statement or one that calms you each time you get stressed. Some examples include the phrase "This too shall pass" or a term that world-renowned Celebrity Therapist Marissa Peer advocates strongly "I am enough".

Leave a comment & tell me how it's going.

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